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Pyramid Unit Drawing

Pyramid Unit Hand Drawings

Pyramid Unit – PDF

Pyramid Unit – JPG

Here is a very basic CAD drawing to get you started.

Pyramid Unit CAD

  • Pyramid device runs on magnetic energy provided by Romag or Celestial Particle Transmuter
  • Pyramid unit uses free energy to form sound waves and magnetic vibrations to function
  • Pyramid circuitry designed to recycle energy after it uses it
  • Pyramid unit does not create pollution, so it is beneficial to the environment
  • Actual pyramid is made of acrylic and is located between two large spinning magnets of specific composition
  • Pyramid device demonstrates that magnetism holds molecules together and that magnetism is the property that unlocks the molecular lock of molecules
  • Living matter inside pyramid becomes unseen
  • Pyramid machine can assist in the exploration of uses and properties of magnetic energy

We are providing this free information out of love to help heal our planet. Please help us in educating people about magnetic energy.

Like the other units on this site, this unit is a gateway unit that will lead to countless discoveries and creative innovations. For example, with technology derived from this unit, an entire landfill of garbage could be turned into a harmless small pile of dust. Any item of food could be replicated (in a random manner to preserve genetic diversity). Any so called precious metal or gem could be created by the ton. This technology is the end of scarcity. It is the end of the economic prison that is enslaving the human race. It is the end of the “haves” and “have nots”. It is the end of consuming the planet’s resources while creating endless tons of pollution. Most importantly, it is the end of modified elements that do not occur in nature. These artificial elements are wreaking havoc on the polarity balance of the planet because there are no higher dimensional matching templates for them to connect to. This results in polarity imbalances and energy field distortions, such as harmful radiation fields. All unnatural elements must be neutralized and redistributed, completely broken down…our survival depends on this.

This magnetic device will show that magnetism is the property that unlocks the molecular lock, propelling chemistry and physics into a new area of research. Billions of dollars and many years of research have been spent trying to understand the force that holds molecules together. Chemistry and Physics mainly focus on dangerous chemicals and heat, but the process may be far simpler when magnetic current is used under the right conditions. Molecules are held together by a magnetic attract force that has a unique signature for every molecule. Simply applying a magnet to a molecule will not accomplish much because the magnet probably does not match the polarity of the molecule. We are redefining the word magnetism to mean an unending variety of polarities that have an infinite amount of potential uses. We are including in that definition of magnetism the notion of neutral, or relatively neutral, polarities. Neutral magnetic current is capable of taking on the polarity it is offered, thereby allowing many different types of molecules to be altered. As neutral magnetic energy from a generator like the Romag or the Celestial Particle Transmuter is harnessed by this pyramid unit, the neutral energy changes polarities to match all the polarities needed to make the pyramid device properly function.

This pyramid unit provides evidence that altering the vibration of molecules can exchange matter into a pure energy form that the human eye cannot see. We use the word “exchange” because all matter has a template that exists at a higher vibration, and this unit exchanges matter with it’s matching template that is free of environmentally caused changes. Molecules are held together by magnetic force; this force can be alleviated, allowing the molecules to separate, leaving the molecules that are naturally attracted to each other remaining in tact. For example, injury and disease caused by environmental influences are not part of an organisms matching template, therefore, after an organism is subjected to the energy field of this unit, injury and disease are no longer part of the organism. Obviously, this pyramid device has tremendous potential in the medical field.

This pyramid molecular exchanger also has vast applications in the field of environment science. So many forms of pollution are currently contaminating the environment on many levels. When the full potential of this molecular exchanger is realized, people will begin to use this unit to convert pollution into more benign forms of matter and energy. Air pollution, water pollution, ground pollution, garbage, chemical pollution, radioactive pollution, and other forms of pollution will all be rendered inert by a transmutation process that will unlock the molecules of the pollution and neutralize the polarities of the pollution so that the energy can be redistributed back into the Earth’s energy system. Redistribution of energy is the integration of energy back into a Universal flow that allows the energy to be safely used again. Redistribution is another word for recycle, it is Universal process for recycling and it is always occurring. Redistribution can be sped up or slowed down when the energy or matter being redistributed is subjected to certain magnetic fields. Magnetic energy can enable people to recycle matter and energy more efficiently than any current technology, thus allowing us to heal our ailing environment.

This pyramid unit has an arrangement of pyramids which when magnetically activated, serve as test chambers where matter is exchanged. The magnets that rotate above and below the pyramids produce vortexing magnetic fields that encapsulate the pyramids. Two walls of wires on opposite sides of the pyramids, are charged with flowing magnetic current from the Romag Generator or the Celestial Particle Transmuter to produce a magnified SOUND OF VIBRATION that aids in creating the proper field for matter exchanging.

The magnetic vortex produced inside this pyramid structure creates a tremendous flow of energy that connects the unit to the energy field of the planet. The rotating magnets, the vibrating wires, and the magnetic current all contribute to the amplification of energy pulses that set a natural process in motion. As this unit functions, energy in the ionosphere begins to respond to the magnetic pulses and sound waves. In the ionosphere, energizing molecules begin to group together and these energy clusters begin to form a vortex that feeds the unit additional energy. A steady stream of energy exchange is established between the unit and the ionosphere that magnifies the energy potential within the unit. New discoveries in science will show that all energy devices use the ionosphere. Some devices use ionosphere energy properly and some do not. Electricity has an extremely negative effect on the ionosphere as we explain in the write ups of other magnetic devices on the website.

The wires that line the pyramids aid in producing REFRACTORY LIGHT which becomes part of the process that makes the object under test APPEAR as though it is not there. The arrangement of hardware causes sound waves to influence the magnetic energy to manifest as pulses. Magnetic pulses produce powerful VIBRATORY CHANGES to the molecular structure of molecules that change the object into energy that human eyes cannot see. What changes is the VISIBLE matter.


  1. An outer aluminum 2″ square tubing frame, 50″ sq. at the inside measurement, 6 feet high welded construction.
  2. Two non-metal support bars located at the top and bottom of frame #1 to hold non-metal sleeve bearings.
  3. Two Delrin sleeve bearings, 2-1/2″ ID by 4-1/2″ OD by 4″ long, secured to Parts #2.
  4. Two 6″ long non-metal shafts that rotate inside Parts #3.
  5. Two Delrin 4 feet diameter plates, 3/4″ thick that have shafts Part #4 bolted at the center point.
  6. One top magnet 4 feet dia., 1-1/2″ thick bonded to one of Plates #5. This magnet is made of 30% neodymium, 21% Boron, 7% nickel, 42% ferrite, charged to a peak energy product of 4.2.
  7. A hand crank pulley drive method to rotate magnet #6 at a speed of 2,000 to 2,400 RPM for a charge time of 1-1/4 minutes.
  8. One bottom magnet 4 feet Dia., 1-1/2″ thick bonded to one of Plates #5. This magnet has the same exact composition of elements while being charged to twice the power, or 8.4 peak energy product.
  9. Are four aluminum corner supports with scale indicators to support the large pyramid assembly, while detecting weight loss.
  10. One acrylic base for large pyramid measures 4′ square, 7/8″ thick.
  11. Four triangular acrylic shapes, 3/16″ thick with three of them bonded to Part #10, (one removable). These shapes form a 2′ high pyramid with the 4 plates at a 45 degree angle, 4′ square.
  12. A continuous length of flat clean copper coated steel wire 1/4″ wide by 1/32″ thick. This wire is bent as needed to allow a 1/8″ overlap on all seams and corners.
  13. A .032″ thick copper coated steel wire secured to the top point of Part #11, connected to #12 and extending downward inside the large pyramid.
  14. A 1-foot square acrylic base plate 1/2″ thick to serve as a bottom for the small pyramid.
  15. Are 4 triangular acrylic shapes, 1/8″ thick to form a 6″ high by 1″ square pyramid. Three of these sides are bonded to Part #14, one side is hinged to swing open for placement of the test object.
  16. A center point on the inner pyramid that connects to Wire #13 holding this pyramid 6″ above base part #10.
  17. A continuous length of clean copper coated steel wire .032″ thick (#20 wire) to be secured to all seams of Parts #14 and #15. This wire is located on the OUTER surface.
  18. One plate of Part #15 that is hinge mounted but not to interfere with wire #17.
  19. Two brass support bars on the left side of Frame #1. These bars are 1″ wide, 3/16″ thick, 54″ long, slid into slots cut in frame #1 that are spaced to hold these bars 2′ apart.
  20. Wire wrapped around Parts #19 total 1200 wraps of .020″ thick clean copper coated steel wire spaced at 25 wraps per inch for the full 4 foot distance. The bottom of the wires is even with the bottom of Magnet #8.
  21. Two brass threaded rods located at the centers of Part #19 to prevent the wound wire #20 from bending these bars.
  22. Two coaxial cable wires circuited from the Romag generator that gets connected to the wound Wire #20.
  23. Two brass support bars located at the right side of Frame #1. These bars are 1″ wide, 3/16″ thick, 54″ long spaced apart by 2 feet.
  24. Wire wrapped around Parts #23 total 1200 wraps of the same wire size as Part #20. The bottom of these wires is also even with the bottom of magnet #8.
  25. Two threaded brass rods located at the center of Parts #23 to prevent the wound wire from bending these bars.
  26. Two coaxial cable wires circuited from the Romag generator to go to the ends of Wires #24.
  27. A dotted centerline to show that the center of the small pyramid is almost aligned with the center of the side wires.
  28. Four corner scales to record the weight of the unit when testing.
  29. The rotation is to be in the direction of the arrows as shown in Figure 1.

The unit functions as follows:

The test object, in this case, a live hamster, is placed inside the small pyramid and a little acrylic door, hinged on one side is closed. One panel of the large pyramid is not used but the flat wire remains in place. This open side allows a direct viewing of the small pyramid.

After the magnetic current is circuited into the walls of wires Parts #20 and #24, the top magnet is rotated using Part #7. When the speed is 2000 – 2400 rpm during the 1-1/4 minutes charge time, several magnetic charging actions happen.

  1. The wires Part #12 get charged.
  2. The wires Part #17 get charged. This charging of the wires causes the top magnet to follow these charges in route to attracting the bottom magnet, which now gets pulled around in the same direction.
  3. This rotating of the bottom magnet completes another magnetic circuit between the bottom location of the wire walls Parts #20 and #24 and the 1-1/2″ thick side section of this magnet. After the 1-1/4 minute charge time the bottom magnet, being influenced by the magnetic circuit to the walls of wire, continues to rotate serving as a rotating stabilizer that now pulls the TOP magnet around, at a somewhat slower speed. All of this magnetic activity creates sound that is turning into waves that then cause magnetism to come out as pulses.

The center point of this massive magnetic action is the small pyramid that starts a vibration likened to a salt shaker on a shaking table. The hamster has now been changed into a form of energy that the human eye cannot see. What has changed is the VISIBLE matter.

All of the magnetic activity was caused to happen as this newly formed energy was being setup in the wires around the pyramids. This is why the small pyramid is held from above with a length of the same wire, (part #17), a wire that also contacts the wires around the large pyramid.

When it is stated that the hamster is subjected to VIBRATION, we are referring to an enhanced molecular vibration. ALL matter vibrates at the molecular level and enhancing this vibration is a natural process. This molecular shaking does not cause harm to the hamster.

Comments about the wire walls:

These wire walls are wound with .020″ thick clean copper coated steel wire for a reason. This thinner wire, when pulled as snug as possible, responds with a desired LIVELY BOUNCE. This action produces the stated, ‘sound of vibration.’ If the wire used were thicker, or just copper, the response would be likened to a THUD without the needed vibration action.

Thus, in order to wind the wire wall tightly, the threaded brass rods are used to keep the brass bars, Parts #19 and #23 from bending.

Comments about the Magnet Mounting Method:

These magnets will constantly attract together with a south face from the top magnet attracting to a north face on the bottom magnet. Flange bearings are used to keep the magnets at their set space distance.

Of great importance is the requirement to use all non-metal shafts, bearings and bearing supports both above and below the magnets.

Another point–these magnets are NOT to be made from an assembly of smaller magnets but cast as one single 4-foot diameter magnet, 1-1/2″ thick. This one-piece structure causes the magnets to respond with the required activity throughout the casting with 21% Boron doing a special work (when blended with the elements listed).


The bottom magnet needs to have a clear DRAW-FACTOR to the Earth. Therefore, the best testing location is outdoors on regular soil and NOT on cement.

This unit demonstrates that atoms can be changed without heat. Atoms are magnetic molecular structures that have unique RYTHMIC VIBRATIONS and are in a constant state of change. The bottom line for understanding ALL universal action and events is that there is NOTHING BUT energy, which is in a constant state of change. All energy is ALWAYS forming and reforming until what we call MATTER results.

All matter is made of various combinations of magnetic molecular structures that maintain a unified field of cohesion through a synchronistic vibration. The energy we call matter is constantly changing. Some energy is systemically changing faster than other energy. The molecules of an energy system, a rock for example, are held together by an attract force that is unique, harmonious, and synchronistic. Objects attract to each other to the degree they are similar. For every structure that is known (whatever name we have given it) there are equal structures being made, off shoots, if you will. Every component of energy (or matter) generates energy that is constantly vibrating and producing the pattern of its structure. All matter sings a unique song that can be slowed down and formulated into additional matter under the right conditions. For every energy structure combination that we perceive there is a structure combination outside of our perception, and these structures blend into an unending variety of combinations not unlike the vast array of color combinations available within the color spectrum.

A change in substance NEED NOT NECESSARILY BE a change in molecular structure. Molecular structures can (and do) maintain their OWN integrity while simply incorporating themselves into DIFFERENT structural formations.

If the pyramid unit is used as a tool to expand what has just been stated, it will be a great advance for science. The advancement will be in finding that an intertwining of magnetic circuitry produces the ability to MONITOR what is called a magnetic pulse-rate.

For example, when the hamster is under test inside the small pyramid the very STRUCTURE of this animal becomes the FOCAL POINT for the conductive activity within the total generating force. The hamster is made of elements with every single element emitting three different TESTABLE magnetic responses that are exclusive to each element. A) Each element has a given magnetic pulse-rate, B) Each element as a given magnetic intensity, C) Each element will respond with a GIVEN polarity depending on the conditions surrounding it. Thus, while the hamster is in this new PURE ENERGY state we might find that to exist as this particular animal, the creature must have certain essential properties uniquely specifiable for each part of each element. We might say the properties are essential in the sense that as the pyramid unit is shut down all of the elements must be conserved. Naturally, the proof of conservation is the fact that the hamster is unharmed.

The Universal Mind is offering this unit to us to expand our understanding of the Universe and to heal the ailments we have brought upon ourselves through environmental pollution. The human body is designed to live for countless years if it is free of disease and impurity. Some people who have mastered the ability to raise their vibrations are naturally performing a function very similar to this unit. These spiritual masters are known to heal their own bodies and those around them. This pyramid unit can assist people in learning to work with their energy systems to stay healthy and live free of physical problems. There is no flaw in the human design, it is the choices that we make that create the limitations we experience.

The applications of this unit are nearly endless. This basic model can be extrapolated from to produce a vast array of devices incorporating this unit’s principles. One day GROUPS of these units just might be arranged to REPLICATE all kinds of elements from other elements. People will use these principles to explore other dimensions, to travel by teleportation, to create unimaginable works of art, to explore micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos, and perform countless other endeavours. Please share this information with others.


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