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Magnetic Water Pump



Magnetic Water Pump Drawings

Magnetic Water Pump Hand Drawings

Magnetic Water Pump – PDF

Magnetic Water Pump – JPG

These are very basic CAD drawings to get you started.

Magnetic Water Pump CAD A

Magnetic Water Pump CAD B

  • Free energy water pump causes underground water to flow to the surface without the use of electricity
  • Magnetic current is required to run pump designed to recycle the energy back into the environment
  • Magnetic current provided by Romag-Generator or Celestial Particle Transmuter
  • No special alloys needed
  • Powerful permanent magnets required to run pump
  • Pump designed to provide enough water for a 100 acre farm
  • Requires water pressure for start-up
  • Water pump is pollution free to help clean environment
  • Water pump can help clean ground water when used with Water Purifier

We are providing this free information out of love to help heal our planet. Please help us in educating people about magnetic energy.

A common theme with magnetic energy units is the interaction they have with gravity. Gravity, or compressed magnetic energy, as we call it, is the catalyst for basically all energy systems within it’s field. The gravity we commonly experience on our planet is a push/pull force that starts high in the ionosphere and extends to the inside of the planet. If either the push or pull force is alleviated, then both forces stop working and gravity is altered. It is time to let go of the archaic notion that gravity is a force that cannot be easily altered. Even this Magnetic Water Pump alters gravity, allowing water to flow upward. The principles demonstrated in this unit will be extrapolated to create many devices that alter gravity. It is the science of partially modulating gravity that allows magnetic energy to perform vital functions while capitalizing on the gravity phenomenon to achieve wondrous results. Just like the other units, the polarities and pulse rates manifesting in this unit can be replicated and stored in other hardware such as crystals to achieve the same results. Imagine wearing crystal charged devices that alleviate the gravity around you, altering your weight to various degrees.

The free energy provided on this unit is intended to help people around the world. This unit transforms magnetic current into magnetic energy that charges ground water, an action which causes the water to move up to the Earth’s surface on attract. This unit is a vivid demonstration of how matter (like water) can be given a polarity and be caused to move to a similar polarity on attract. The principles behind this unit can be applied to nearly any type of matter.

This water pump will help to reduce atmospheric pollution caused by the burning of fuel to supply electricity for pumping ground water. This new method of charging water with magnetic current is accomplished through a special process whereby water is attracted up a copper tube. Ground water pollution is a serious problem in many areas. This pump will assist in cleaning contaminated ground water by supplying water to the Magnetic Water Purifier which can provide clean water for various uses like farming or simply recycle the water into the ground.

This is a magnetically powered device that receives magnetic energy from another energy generator like the Romag Generator or the Celestial Particle Transmuter. The propeller has secured to its blades an arrangement of wires and contacts that, when charged, cause propeller rotations. The rotor has a permanent magnet, which rotates and provides incoming magnetic current with needed polarities. The device has a system of contacts that are spaced so as to have a stop gauge effect to the pulsing action which then controls the speed.


A magnetic current generator circuits magnetic energy into the four electrodes part #17. Next, water pressure is fed down into tubes #4. This causes spray jets #19 to contact the propeller so as to rotate the unit. The spacing between the six rotating copper contacts and the 4 stationary contacts is such that 4 pulses are always pulsed ON (that is 2 sets of wings) while 2 contacts are OFF. Naturally, the thought might be, why not just have 6 stationary contacts, which would then activate all six wings at one time. This idea would not allow the needed polarities to take place. Each set of wings needs the OFF TIME that is set up by the spacing of 4 stationary electrodes. Without this off time an unwanted condition of CROSS CURRENTS would happen stopping the water rotation process.

Once the water is rotating with a magnetic charge, it causes the copper tube to become charged. The water then gets pushed upward while being attracted upward by the charging of the copper tube. The propeller does not DRIVE the water upward.

If we can allow the thought that gravity is in fact compressed magnetism, then we can understand how the magnetic charge to the water reverses the normal downward movement. The charged water has a polarity that is ATTRACTED UP to the Earth’s surface. Once the propeller is rotating, the spray jets are shut off and water arrives at the top of the well. The pump creates a magnetic vortex, and when a vortex is present gravity is altered. The energy vortex and the water vortex work in unison with the water taking on the polarity of the magnetic energy. The proper meter will show that the magnetic energy vortex proceeds upward past the earth’s surface into the ionosphere; the water travels with this vortex to ground level.

A secondary benefit to having magnetically charged water in the well is that this charge sends ATTRACT ENERGY into the ground which causes water, at a deeper level, to then be attracted into the same well.

Reasons for the Propeller design:

The thickness of the wings are .225″ because as the unit operates we need to minimize the effect of having the wings expand outward. This expanse condition might cause a hitting of the electrodes and stop the pulsing action.

The wing ends are BLUNT (.225″ square) because we do not want the water sliding around these wings, but instead a water punching action is needed. This then creates a certain water movement, which aids in the magnetic charging action, an action that prevents the propeller from accelerating faster than the required 1600 RPM. The blades are not designed to drive the water upward because this is not necessary, nor is it the principle behind this unit. The blunt edge design assists the water in becoming magnetically charged and to then be ATTRACTED upward with the propeller simply serving as a tool that nudges the water in the desired direction at 1600 RPM.

This particular wing SHAPE helps to prevent a water BACK WASH condition. This is one reason to have the wing ends be 1-3/8″ from the closest point to the next wing. There should be a 20 thousandths thick coating of acrylic on the total propeller. This is not for insulation purposes but to prevent wire RATTLE that could result in broken circuits. Magnetic current does not interact with acrylic so it’s the best material for coating. Other coatings (such as electric motor varnish) could actually destroy the magnetic activity.

The reason for having Part #5 be one inch wide and angling down at 42 degrees is because it aids in guiding the water just before the water arrives at the 6 wings. The reason for a rounded bottom to the propeller shaft is to aid in creating a smooth upward water movement. Also, if one wanted to do maintenance on the propeller they could simply have a metal object, on a rope, contact the center magnet and pull the propeller up and out of the well. The rounded end would then aid in relocating the shaft back into the bearing, after the maintenance is completed. (for example changing part #6, the Delrin flange bearing).

The 3/8″ wide copper contacts need to be connected to wires #13 in a special way. The wire should be under the 3/8-inch side face located on the outer edge. The electrodes #17 will then pulse the magnetic current through the copper to the steel wire’s core. This action expands to the copper that carries the charge for the full 3/8″ face distance. The wire then goes to the back side of the copper by maintaining contact along the side of the copper before taking the winding travel path (see Figure 1).

At all points where wires #13 curve around the wings (front and back), the wings should have 15 thousandths deep half round grooves. These grooves help to prevent the copper coating from being scratched. This grooving of the wings is the ideal wing wrapping process.


I) A standard length of metal well pipe, non-porous

2) A copper tube (length as needed) measuring 1/8″ thick, 9″ Inside Diameter held into the center of Part #1.

3) A non-metal bottom ring with O ring seals to firmly hold Parts #1 and #2 together

4) Are six lengths of 1/2″ Outside Diameter heavy wall plastic tubing. These tubes get connected at the top of the well and travel the full distance down along the outer surface of Part #2.

5) A shaft portion of the propeller 1-1/8″ OD and 2-1/2″ long

6) A Delrin flange bearing firmly secured to the shaft Part #5, measuring 1-1/8″ ID. 1-3/8″ OD, 2-1/8″ long.

7) Three copper support bars secured to Part #2 and bolted to a hardened #400 series stainless steel support tube. This tube allows Part #6 to rotate inside,

8) Center hub portion of the propeller, 2″ OD with a center cavity 1-3/4″ dia. 1-3/4″ deep.

9) Six .225″ thick propeller blades all cast onto a center hub as a single casting made of 80% Aluminum, 10% Magnesium, 10% Manganese. These blades are mounted at a 42-degree angle forming a propeller dia. of 8-1/2 inches. The tip of each blade should be 1-3/8″ from the closest point of the blade next to it. The blade ends are blunt edged measuring .225″ square.

10) A 1-3/4″ dia. by 1-3/4″ long iron/boron/neodymium permanent magnet, powerfully charged, located in the center hub. The magnet charging position is to have half of each polarity on the top of the magnet extending to the bottom.

11) Are six ‘U’ shaped pieces of 1/32″ thick copper clips. These clips are secured 1/2″ from the end of each blade measuring 3/8″ wide with the open end on the inner side. These clips serve as contacts and should be shaped on the outer surface to form a curved radius measuring 4-5/l6 inches.

12)Are six numbers assigned to each blade (see figure I).

13) Are three lengths of .032″ thick clean copper coated steel wires. Each of these lengths gets wrapped around two blades. To explain, the first wire is firmly secured to part #11 then this wire goes around blade #1 with seven wraps spaced as shown on figure I. After blade #1 is wrapped, the same wire crosses over the center of the magnet and arrives at blade #4. At this point, the wrapping rotation for blade four is reversed as shown. Blade four has the same number of wraps and is then firmly secured to copper clip Part #11, Next, the other two lengths of wire are wrapped in like manner. Note that the wires from blades #1,2 and 3 cross the north half of the magnet. This establishes the magnet alignment when located in the hub.

14) A star connection for the three wires that crossed the magnet. These clean wires all make contact TO EACH OTHER as they are firmly bonded directly to the center point of the magnet. As neutral magnetic current is pulsed to blades 1,2,3, the attract circuit is to the north half of the magnet then returned to a center NEUTRAL POINT. Also, as blades 4,5,6 form an attract circuit for the incoming neutral magnetic current, the south half of the magnet completes the attract circuit, then returns to a neutral flow. Thus, the water becomes charged with TWO magnetic polarities which becomes the propeller’s driving force.

15) A 1/4″ thick copper tube 2-1/2″ wide fanned to fit on the outside dia., of Part #2. This tube is to add support to Part #2 in order to hold contacts with a firm circle support while keeping the shaft centered.

16) Are 4 insulation tubes spaced into groups of two at 60 degrees apart. Each tube measures 1/2″ long, 3/8″ OD by 1/8″ ID pressed into part #15 and #2.

17) Are four boron Carbide electrodes marked A,B,C,D, that are pressed into Parts #16. These electrodes are 5/8″ long, 1/8″ dia. having a rounded contact surface facing inward. These electrodes clear part #11 by being positioned as close as possible without actual contact.

18) Are two coaxial cables having a size #14 center copper wire. Each cable gets circuited to 2 electrodes.

19) Are six water spray jets secured to Part #2. These spray jets feed water through Part #4 to cause startup rotation.

To finalize, this water pump unit utilizes flowing magnetic energy to produce an ongoing water flow. The magnetic flow causes the propeller to rotate by setting up a response from wing to wing that completes a circuit. This is an energy circuit that magnetically charges the underground water causing the water to rise to the Earth’s surface within a magnetic vortex while being PUMP GUIDED upward. The free energy water pump can reduce pollution and help clean the environment. This pump is ideal for assisting with farming, and used in conjunction with the Magnetic Water Purifier it can provide clean water for crops, people, and animals. Used with the Romag this pump is also ideal for providing water in remote locations. Please share this information with others.


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