Magnetic Energy to Heal the Planet

This site offers unconventional information pertaining to magnetic energy principles and applications.

What is Magnetic energy? Why is Magnetic Energy important?

1. It is a readily available source of free energy and renewable energy
2. It is a relatively neutral subatomic energy that pervades the universe
3. It can be converted into an infinite number of polarities
4. It can be captured, harnessed, and recycled to perform a variety of functions
5. It can provide power for transportation and everyday use
6. It can help end scarcity of all natural resources
7. It can be used to break down and neutralize all forms of pollution

This information is dedicated to the survival of the human race.

Every human being on planet Earth should have free unlimited access to:

1 – Clean water
2 – Healthy food that is NON-GMO
3 – The basic necessities to live comfortably
4 – Clean renewable energy

Magnetic Energy technology can provide the entire human race with everything it needs to thrive in any environment while maintaining perfect harmony with the planet.

The time has come for humans and planet Earth to be free…

Free from radioactive elements
Free from all garbage and pollution in the air, water, and soil
Free from harmful chemicals in our food and environment
Free from harmful electrical fields
Free from EMF’s
Free from scarcity of natural resources

**Please explore the different teachings provided in each unit!

Click here to download a Master PDF of the units.

To Heal The Planet

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