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What is Gravity?

Gravity is compressed magnetic energy. Gravity is the movement of magnetic energy through an attract circuit whereby objects within that circuit are influenced by two distinct magnetic forces. Gravity is so much more than simply mass attracting mass. The gravity circuit is inter-dimensional and facilitates countless energetic processes between dimensions. The gravity circuit requires two distinct polarities of magnetic energy that interact with each other through an attract action. One of those fields begins in an outer rim, such as the energy rim on the outer edge of the solar system. The other field ends in the inner rim, which is in the interior of the sun. Pulsed magnetic energy constantly flows from the outer rim to the inner rim via an attract circuit. The magnetic gravity circuit always manifests as a push/pull phenomenon to the objects within the circuit field. The inner energy rim inside the sun is constantly attracting the magnetic energy from the outer energy rim at the edge of the solar system.

Both fields are continuously fed inter-dimensional neutral energy that is converted to a specific polarity within each field. For simplicity purposes, we could say the outer energy rim of the solar system is positive and the inner energy rim of the solar system inside the sun is negative, so there is an attract response. The magnetic energy pulses move from the outer rim to the inner rim because the magnetic circuit flows in that direction via the sun on attract to the next stage of its journey. Overall, the gravity circuit is consistent throughout, even as fluctuations naturally occur. The magnetic gravity circuit manifests as a powerful push/pull force as long as the object is inside the circuit and has polarities compatible with that circuit. The outer rim, which is typically somewhat spherical in shape, attracts energy to it from outside the circuit creating a relatively small amount of attraction in space, but the actual gravity circuit begins inside the outer rim. Also, planetary satellites, such as our moon, utilize a different magnetic energy process whereby a rotating/counter-rotating magnetic vortex between the earth and moon locks the moon into place. The earth’s overall gravity circuit begins outside the ionosphere with the outer rim and flows to the interior of the earth for the inner rim.

Every solar system has a unique gravity polarity or signature, and the energy fields around the objects in each solar system are typically compatible with the gravity circuit of that solar system. The unique combination of elements and higher dimension elemental templates in each solar system influence the specific polarity reading of each solar system. So while solar systems may have a positive outer rim and negative inner rim, the exact magnetic energy pulses in their gravity circuits vary according to the unique characteristics of each solar system, creating unique magnetic polarities or energy signatures. This is an unconventional way of using the word polarity, but from a technological perspective it is useful because these various magnetic polarities interact with each other with attraction and repulsion. Basically, there are unending varieties of positive, negative, and neutral magnetic energies and nature treats them as distinct energy units. In a magnetic gravity circuit if either polarity is disrupted or alleviated, the push/pull force stops. This is true for our planet’s gravity circuit, the solar system’s gravity circuit, the galaxy’s gravity circuit, etc.

Distinct gravity circuits can exist within other gravity circuits as long as the gravity circuits have unique polarities. For example, our solar system has a unique gravity circuit polarity that allows it to be treated essentially like one object within our galaxy, and everything inside our solar system’s gravity circuit functions somewhat independently from our galaxy. Likewise, our planet’s gravity circuit is distinctly different from our solar system’s gravity circuit which allows us autonomy as long as we are inside the earth’s gravity circuit. To go further, a magnetic space ship’s gravity circuit is independent of earth’s gravity circuit so while the ship is in our atmosphere, the orientation of the ship can be in any direction and the inhabitants always remain on the floor. Each gravity circuit manifests as an overall singular magnetic pulsing entity with a unique polarity composition, and all the moving parts inside that gravity circuit function together and contribute to that overall magnetic field. For instance, in our solar system, each body has inter-dimensional magnetic energy flowing in and out of it, and all of these energies combine to produce the overall magnetic reading for our solar system.

The orbit of each body, the speed of movement, the rotation of each body all work together like a well oiled machine to produce a unified magnetic field with a unique polarity reading or signature. A higher dimension solar system template initiates attract fields in each moment to keep things functioning, and the template initiates corrective attract fields when adjustments are needed. Although it appears as if things are randomly happening, there are attract fields continuously forming to maintain magnetic coherency to ensure that our solar system keeps pulsing to match a higher dimensional energy structure. Planetary orbits follow a set path inside the gravity circuit, not simply because of their mass, but because of the energy flowing through the planet and the orbital path magnetic resonance which contributes to the overall energy pattern of the solar system.

Vortices of magnetic energy flowing in and out of planets interact with the gravity circuit guiding the planets in their orbits thereby preventing orbital decay. Planets are essentially attracted to their orbits by powerful fields that work to maintain solar system coherency. Orbital speed and rotational speed for any object, including stars, is determined by the magnetic energy flow through the object, the strength of the vortices, the composition of the object in relationship to the gravity circuit around it, and the role it is playing with the overall gravity circuit polarity, and more. For example, stars can move very fast even when they are located near the outer edge of a galaxy, as long as they are inside the gravity circuit for that galaxy.

Magnetic energy technology provides total freedom from the influence of gravity because magnetic pulses can be generated to cancel out any gravity circuit polarities. Magnetic energy also provides artificial gravity fields that are quite handy for space travel. Once humans realize what gravity really is and how it works, they will see that there are many ways to alleviate gravity. The sub-atomic magnetic pulses that comprise gravity circuits are only capable of influencing elements in a given pulse rate range. These gravity pulses will push and pull sub-atomic components with polarities that are consistent with that particular gravity circuit and essentially ignore sub-atomic components outside their range. For example, if you subject a person or object to a magnetic current of a given pulse rate, the magnetic pulses in our gravity circuit will simply go right through and around that person or object. The person or object essentially becomes weightless because the sub-atomic polarities are now outside the range of the magnetic gravity circuit pulses. Also, if you have a disk that is spinning and pulsing with magnetic energy, once it hits a certain pulse rate, the gravity circuit pulses stop influencing it and everything below it. As the pulse rate increase, the disk can actually gain upward mobility. Conventional rockets are dangerous, inefficient, and terribly polluting. It is time to let go of old theories and embrace new ideas and usher in a truly golden age of civilization.


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