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The Problem with Artificial EMFs

All magnetic fields depend on inter-dimensional processes to exist. A magnetic field is in part a manifestation of energy changing dimensions. When any type of electrical process is forced via a magnetic field, the inter-dimensional energy exchange is negatively impacted. It is important to distinguish between magnetic processes/frequencies and electro-magnetic processes/frequencies. A Magnetic Frequency could be characterized as a naturally occurring frequency that results from a natural process that is prompted by an attraction of magnetic energy. Magnetic frequencies occur throughout nature at all times; they are beneficial to nature by producing an unending variety of life supporting polarities and vibrations that connect systems through a universal network. Even magnetic frequencies that appear to be destructive are actually part of an ongoing system that maintains universal balance. Electro-magnetic frequencies, however, when artificially produced through current technology, create harmful polarities in the system and destroy delicate energetic bonds and ultimately tear apart the vibrational fabric that naturally exists between all things.

People assume that all EMF’s, EMR, etc. are created equally because most current instrumentation cannot tell naturally occurring frequencies from artificially created frequencies, but there are very significant differences between the two. Safety isn’t simply a matter of ionizing vs. non-ionizing radiation. The key is the process by which the radiation is produced. The standard model has created a framework that limits how people interpret data, results, and measurements. Picturing electrons orbiting protons and neutrons and being stripped or not stripped away is like picturing a fairy tale story that has little resemblance to the real world and fails to identify the most important processes taking place. Sub-atomic components are not isolated static units that magically stay connected through their own internal power. Sub-atomic components are open systems, continuously changing with dynamic energy flowing in and out of them at all times keeping them in their proper configurations. Even the exchange propensity of electrons is dependent on the preset and forming molecular structures within the electron and the higher dimensional energy template connected to the electron.

Electrons contain an unending variety of different core structures. Similarly, all sub-atomic components contain unending varieties of core structures. They are composed of internal polarities – some that are pre-set, some that form and change, and some that remain relatively neutral. All sub-atomic components require the continuous flow of inter-dimensional energy to properly function. Forcing an electron to be stripped away from its balancing counter-parts causes the inter-dimensional draw to change, creating a field distortion. There are no single electron higher dimensional templates because that type of isolated energy does not possess the components necessary to fulfill all the functions designed for a complete energy component. The higher dimensional energy available to molecular structures in our dimension is overwhelmingly neutral. A naturally occurring elemental core structure contains neutral components that attract higher dimensional neutral energies that get converted to all the necessary polarities to help the core structures perform their functions. Without the necessary neutral components, the elemental core structures will not be properly balanced, will not receive the proper higher dimensional energy, and they will create harmful field distortions and start to negatively impact everything around them. Attraction is the primary driver for all universal energies, and that process requires what we call positive, negative, and neutral energies which are really rotating vortices, counter-rotating vortices, and combined vortices, among other things.

A complete energy component can move through nature without negatively impacting any life forms around it because it possesses the necessary polarities to maintain cohesion and integrity while releasing the necessary energies to other systems around it, as well as building polarities and energy bonds with other systems.  Artificial EMFs are essentially highly polarized units of electro/magnetic energy that somewhat mimic the behavior of photons in certain mediums. Normally, photons and magnetic energy units co-exist and keep each other balanced with interconnected polarities, but this natural process is disrupted when EMFs are artificially produced. Artificial EMF propagation occurs as these unbalanced magnetic units move through our dimension in a spiral motion. Despite what scientists think, when radiation is produced in nature, all the key sub-atomic components for balanced polarities and inter-dimensional energy exchange are present. Whereas when electrically based technology produces radiation, very key sub-atomic components are missing. Without the proper neutral components, inter-dimensional energy cannot be attracted into the configuration, and without the proper positive components, the energy cannot be redistributed back into the greater system, which causes a buildup of destructive energy fields.

It is a misconception to think that because some radiation does not appear to penetrate the skin, that the radiation is not harmful to that life form. All life forms exist in multiple dimensions and the highly polarized electro/magnetic units that make up artificially produced EMFs disrupt the polarities in essentially every life form they touch. These harmful electro/magnetic energies are not properly connected to their higher templates so they will use any source of energy they find to balance their polarities. Artificial EMFs are attempting to draw in higher dimensional energy that is simply not available in isolation because there is no natural match for the polarity they are holding, and they harbor energy they cannot release. Again, this process creates harmful buildups in energy which ultimately leads to abnormal cellular growth, excessive inflammation, chronic pain, and more. It is important for humans to recognize that any electrically based technology has the potential to create distortions in the inter-dimensional membranes and cause unhealthy energy fields and unbalanced polarities that greatly hinder human abilities and development, and ultimately cause unnecessary suffering. Degrees of depression, anxiety, lack of clarity, confusion, aches and pains, lethargy, clouded intuition, low vibrational energy fields, lack of foresight, slower healing, lack of energetic connectivity, and so much more are all effects of artificial EMFs.

Imagine a magnetic energy cell phone that receives its power via attraction through a crystal battery that is tuned into higher dimensional energy and essentially never runs out. Because this magnetic cell phone capitalizes on the universal principle of attract/attract, it naturally attracts complete sub-atomic components that carry all the polarities necessary to perform tasks, recycle, and so much more. All the energy in and around this magnetic cell phone is fully connected to its higher dimensional template counterparts. The fields emitted from this magnetic cell phone are actually nurturing to all life. Not only that but the magnetic radiation given off by this magnetic cell phone feels good and helps heal the body and enhance natural human abilities. When this magnetic cell phone connects with another magnetic cell phone, it does so through a quantum entanglement initiated by magnetic crystal pairing whereby both magnetic cell phones are emitting signals that are attracted to each other. Instead of wastefully sending out a signal scattered in all directions, these magnetic cell phones only connect with each other through a perfectly efficient direct quantum connection. The signal is totally clear no matter where the people are located…on or off our planet, and the communication is instantaneous…far beyond light speed.

Humans are not designed to live in an environment that is immersed in harmful artificially produced electro/magnetic radiation. Greed has exceeded rational thinking on our planet. It is time to put a stop to the electrical insanity that is gripping the human race. Humans have a universal right to live in an environment that is free from all harmful radiation. It is time for humanity to embrace universal laws – Magnetic/Not Electrical, Natural Elements/No Artificially Produced Radioactive Elements. Wonders beyond imagination are waiting for humanity. It is time to let go of electricity and nuclear energy and embrace our cosmic birthright with cleaner, safer, more powerful magnetic technology that is used throughout the universe.


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