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Principles of Magnetic Energy

Principles of Magnetic Energy. This is just the beginning…

Magnetic Energy definition – Flowing Attract Energy, flowing or moving energy that flows in and out of nearly all energy systems and is magnetic in nature meaning that it generally moves by attract fields, it is attracted to its destination. Magnetic energy is the glue that holds the Universe together. Magnetic Energy and Flowing Attract Energy are interchangeable terms.

*Please refer to the Magnetic Energy Terms document for more clarity on the terms being used in this document.

  1. Magnetic Energy is a constant. Magnetic Energy or the Flowing Attract Energy throughout the Universe continually sustains existence as we know it.
  2. Magnetic Energy starts neutral. The Flowing Attract Energy throughout the Universe is generally neutral in nature until it enters a system and goes to work using various polarities. Neutral Magnetic Energy flows through space, and it is part of the space/time fabric.
  3. Magnetic Energy travels at a nearly infinite velocity. Magnetic Energy typically travels in and out of our present dimension at speeds far beyond light speed. Space ships powered and shielded by Magnetic Energy travel far beyond light speed. Quantum Mechanics experiments, especially those depicting instantaneous interactions at long distances, demonstrate the speed of Magnetic Energy.
  4. Magnetic Energy works on demand. As systems demand more energy, the Magnetic Energy flow increases. For example, if humans evolve into using Magnetic Energy around the planet, population will increase and more resources will be used. The Magnetic Energy coming into the planet will increase to match the new demand. Current technology does not use Magnetic Energy, so the system is simply being drained and resources are dwindling. Using Magnet Energy will NOT drain the system or deplete the planet’s resources.
  5. Magnetic Energy is available everywhere. Magnetic Energy can be harnessed anywhere in Universe. It is richly abundant in what appears to be empty space and it always gets replenished if you harness it with the correct method (not forcing the extraction but attracting it). Magnetic Energy can also be transmitted and received across vast distances instantaneously for communication, power, and more. Pulsed messages are encoded with unique energy signatures and matching devices incorporating crystals are used to facilitate the attraction of the signal beyond light speed. This has vast applications for space travel.
  6. All systems are open systems-there are no closed systems. All commonly known systems, such as Galaxies, Solar Systems, Planetary Ecosystems, Life Forms, and Elements have Magnetic Energy or Flowing Attract Energy moving through them at all times.
  7. Everything is Energy Structures. All “matter” is composed of Energy Structures. There are no sub-atomic building blocks in “matter”. There is nothing fundamentally solid in “matter”. If you took away all the Energy Structures from a piece of “matter”, nothing would be left. What is commonly thought of as the physical Universe is basically made of specific geometric, spiraling forms and densities of Energy Structures and Magnetic Energy (or Flowing Attract Energy). Magnetic Energy and Energy Structures are different in the sense that Energy Structures are established and locked in to each other and higher dimensional templates, whereas the Magnetic Energy moves through systems providing the attract energy and system maintenance such as structural repairing.
  8. Energy is eternal. Energy Structures and Magnetic Energy may change form but they are not annihilated.
  9. Magnetic Energy follows sacred geometry. Not only does Magnetic Energy naturally flow and manifest in sacred geometric patterns, it is attracted to pulsing, rotating, and spiraling magnetic fields that mirror sacred geometry. The foundation of our existence starts with Magnetic Energy moving in sacred geometric patterns which is why our physical Universe manifests in sacred geometry.
  10. Magnetic Energy is random. Magnetic Energy tends to flow in a random pattern that repeats, although its flow can be directed/influenced and monitored as long as the system isn’t corrupted as in our current systems.
  11. Magnetic Energy flows in both directions simultaneously. Whether in nature or devices using Magnetic Energy, the energy tends to manifest a return channel of energy.
  12. Magnetic Energy is versatile. Magnetic Energy is capable of transmuting into an infinite variety of polarities or energy signatures. Our societies currently use a very limited expression of magnetism by focusing primarily on “positive” and “negative” or “north” and “south” polarities. But the true expression of Magnetic Energy will involve an unending variety of polarities. Its like we have painted our entire technological canvas with just two colors when there is an entire color spectrum available to us.
  13. Magnetic Energy detects extremely well. Whether at great distances and very up close, Magnetic Energy can be used to detect any Energy Structures or energy fields. For example, by emitting the spectrum of Energy Structure signatures and monitoring the return, Magnetic Energy can provide instantaneous and extremely detailed analysis of astronomical bodies that are many light years away. And this includes the interior and far sides of astronomical bodies because the energy passes right through anything that isn’t like it providing a full 3D analysis. This has vast implications in astronomy, space travel, and much more.
  14. Attract/Attract governs energy direction. The attraction of like Magnetic Energy is the dominant action guiding energy movement and destination throughout the Universe. It is critical that our societies power themselves by the attract/attract principle and stop generating power through force, which creates imbalance in the system.
  15. The vortex governs energy transfer. As Magnetic Energy moves from system to system, it generally moves through a vortex. Neutral Magnetic Energy fields down the center of the vortices allow Energy Structures to break down or redistribute back into the Earth’s Pressure Flow. In this manner, the vortex provides an ongoing cleaning system, as long as the Energy Structures are natural. Unnatural Energy Structures such as radioactive Energy Structures are not so easily redistributed.
  16. Gravity is compressed Magnetic Energy. What is commonly called gravity around a planet is a push/pull phenomenon with a large amount of Magnetic Energy compressed into a relatively small space. If either the push or pull energy flow is interrupted with pulsing Magnetic Energy, the other energy flow will also stop working allowing for the alleviation of gravity. Other expressions of gravity, such as earth/moon, sun/earth, are different manifestations of Magnetic Energy that involve interlocking vortices with varying pulse rates. Gravity is NOT a function of mass. Astronomical bodies are not made of “matter” and they do not have “mass”. Stars, planets, etc. are simply Energy Structures, with energy flowing through them.
  17. Magnetic Energy governs planetary orbits. Counter rotating, inter- locking, and pulsing Magnetic Energy fields and vortices guide astronomical bodies in their orbits around each other.
  18. Magnetic Energy fuels stars. Stars depend on the inflow and outflow of Magnetic Energy as fuel for the reactions taking place within them. Without interference, stars will function indefinitely. Supernovas, brown dwarfs and other types of stars described as parts of the “Life cycle” of all stars are a misinterpretation of data based on the idea of non- existent “closed systems”. There are many varieties of astronomical bodies with different stages, yet the stages are never due to a closed system where fuels run out, a star collapses, possibly exploding, etc.
  19. Magnetic Energy creates a pressure system. The Magnetic Energy push/pull phenomenon within the earth’s gravity field is the catalyst to all energy systems within our environment. This specially formulated energy field is essential to life on our planet and most biological processes and geo-physical processes depend on this field for healthy survival and evolutionary action. When humans begin to travel at length in space, it is absolutely imperative that a similar energy field be utilized on the space ship to ensure optimum health for all occupants.
  20. Magnetic Energy influences weather. Changes in air pressure, ocean patterns and wind patterns are initiated in the Magnetic Energy system (including the ionosphere, the gravity field, the moon’s magnetic connection, etc.) around the planet. This system is always attempting to maintain balance and current technology is interfering with this energy balance.
  21. Magnetic Energy cleans and sustains the environment. This energy is a pollution free source of power, and it is capable of cleaning pollution in the deepest ocean out to the contaminated space around our planet. This energy will also repair and maintain a fully protective ozone layer. Nearly all chemicals can be replaced with the properly tuned Magnetic Energy fields that will perform the same functions, but even better.
  22. Systems naturally express order. The life sustaining Magnetic Energy flowing through all systems is inherently inclined toward order and harmony, as well as expansion and growth. What appears as chaos and destruction is simply energy redistribution which ultimately leads to order and evolution in a new and uncorrupted system. Neither energy nor information are lost, but remain in balance in different forms.
  23. Magnetic Energy can be concentrated. With Magnetic Energy devices and other means, the energy can be captured and focused for practical uses such a Flowing Magnetic Current and Magnetic Energy Force Fields.
  24. Magnetic Energy can be measured. Current technology and monitoring devices fail to directly measure Magnetic Energy because these conventional devices are based on other principles. Current devices often measure bi-products of Magnetic Energy and falsely label it such as x-rays and electricity. Accurate Magnetic Energy measuring incorporates special alloys such as TiAlCo-B that naturally attract neutral energy without becoming polarized. Alternative science has also produced devices for measuring subtle energy fields which are forms of Magnetic Energy.
  25. Magnetic Energy creates safe nuclear reactions. When combined with certain elements, pulsing Magnetic Energy fields create low temperature fusion and fission reactions that produce clean and safe power. While nuclear fission as practiced today is very dangerous, some forms of fission are acceptable. Both fusion and fission are common in advanced civilizations because the reactions used are low temperature and completely safe.
  26. Magnetic Energy unlocks the molecular lock. The proper pulsing of Magnetic Energy fields temporarily disrupts the energy exchange keeping molecules held together, thereby allowing molecules to easily separate so the “matter” appears as if it is breaking down to almost nothing. This has vast applications for ending garbage of all types around the planet.
  27. Magnetic Energy joins molecular structures. The proper pulsing of Magnetic Energy fields facilitates the gathering of energy into specific elemental configurations. “Matter” which appears as if it is being created, is just energy being gathered and assembled. This has vast implications for producing goods and bringing an end to scarcity.
  28. Magnetic Energy replicates existing molecular structures. “Matter” that is subjected to the proper pulsing Magnetic Fields enters a high fluctuating energy state that allows the “matter” to be replicated instantaneously.
  29. Magnetic Energy can attract or repel any energy field. There are unique energy fields flowing in and out of all “matter”, some of which exist beyond our normal awareness. Magnetic Energy devices can duplicate any energy fields, thus attracting or repelling them, typically via a matching or opposing rotating vortex. Basically, what this means is pulsing and rotating Magnetic Energy fields can be used to attract or repel any “matter” or energy fields, and this has vast applications, including space travel. (An analogy is the attract/repel phenomenon of magnets, which is occurring because the magnet vortices are attracting when aligned with their inflow to outflow vortices, and repelling when aligned inflow to inflow or outflow to outflow).
  30. Magnetic Energy responds better to certain alloys. Alloys such as TiAlCo-B are much more conducive to attracting Magnetic Energy and assisting in the generation process.
  31. Magnetic Energy is powerful. Devices that use alternating magnetic fields and counter-rotating magnetic vortices can capture Magnetic Energy, store it in coils, and release it in powerful pulses that can be used for transportation and industry.
  32. Magnetic Energy Pulse Parameters. Please keep in mind that Magnetic Energy Pulses are not simply characterized and charted by their numbers. For example, it would be an over simplification to state that 2500 Magnetic Pulses per second (MPS) attract neutral energy, 6800 MPS begin to break apart particles, 21,000 MPS alleviate gravity, and 136,000 MPS create light. The quality, strength, and signature of a Magnetic Pulse is determined by the pulse formulation process in which the type of magnets, strength of the magnets, speed of the armature, size of the coils etc. all influence the Magnetic Pulse that is generated. Even a low number of pulses like 36 MPS can attract an abundant amount of neutral energy if those pulses are strong and properly formulated with a relatively neutral polarity. Therefore, Magnetic Energy Pulses must be charted by at least 3 factors: 1 – the energy signature of the pulses as defined by the relative degree of polarization imparted to the pulse; 2 – the intensity of the pulse as determined by its energy volume and the strength of the fields surrounding it; 3 – the rate as actual number of pulses per second.
  33. Magnetic Energy is safe. Unlike electricity, Magnetic Energy is very compatible with the human body. Much like Quantum Mechanics experiments, this energy responds to thoughts, emotions, etc. As humans work more with Magnetic Energy, so called paranormal abilities will become normal as this energy helps humans unlock their true potential.
  34. Energy generation should NOT be done with force. If steam or any type of force is required to generate power, that process is fundamentally flawed and should be stopped. It is not necessary to use force to generate power. Forcing the generation of power and using electro-magnets is draining the ozone layer and throwing the earth’s energy field off balance.
  35. Elements should NOT be manipulated. Producing elements, especially radioactive elements through centrifugal, chemical or other processes creates incompatible energy structures in the planetary energy system and should be avoided, as it can harm many life forms.

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