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Laws of Physics and Magnetic Energy

This is a brief overview of some of the very basic and classic laws of physics and how magnetic energy theory fits into those laws.

There are changes coming to our planet and solar system and after these changes magnetic energy will be prevalent on our planet. After the changes, some scientists might say that the laws of physics have changed or that the planetary changes have made it possible for magnetic energy devices to work, but this is not true. All of the technology presented on this site can function right now, before any earth changes, but it is the mindset of humanity that needs to change before this technology becomes widespread.

Also, some people might try to say that this new magnetic energy technology is diminishing the ionosphere and/or the ozone layer, but this could not be further from the truth. This technology will actually help rebuild the ionosphere and the ozone layer and help restore balance to the planet.

Magnetic energy flows throughout the universe and arrives at its destinations from a higher dimension and then feeds into what we know as the visible universe. This energy is typically neutral in nature and travels in what we could call a high speed pulse; then it transmutes into useable energy as it enters into our physical reality. There are massive streams made of these tiny pulses of magnetic energy traveling throughout the universe. The streams branch off into complex networks that feed planetary systems and everything that we know as reality, all the way down to our everyday existence, even down to our cells.

Three Laws of Motion:

First law:
It is possible to select a set of reference frames, called inertial reference frames, observed from which a particle moves without any change in velocity if no net force acts on it. This law is often simplified into the sentence “A particle will stay at rest or continue at a constant velocity unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force.”

In magnetic energy theory, the universe is an open system. In order for a particle or molecular structure to exist, it must exist within the framework of the universal energy flow – the very existence of the molecular structure depends on the supply of energy it is fed through magnetic energy channels. Every molecular structure is intimately connected to an entire network of molecular structures. Universal energies continuously influence all molecular structures which are always in motion to some degree. The First Law of Motion describes a situation that basically cannot exist. In order to have a particle exist within an isolated environment to such a degree that no other energies can influence the particle, the particle could not exist because it would be cut off from its source of existence. Essentially no particle can stay at rest or continue at a constant velocity because universal forces will always be acting on it, even down to the quantum level, to provide it with a continuous flow of energy that allows it to keep existing. The sub-atomic fields of all particles are continuously releasing and receiving universal energy which allows them to maintain cohesion until they transmute into another form.

Second law:
Observed from an inertial reference frame, the net force on a particle is proportional to the time rate of change of its linear momentum. Momentum is the product of mass and velocity. Force and momentum are vector quantities and the resultant force is found from all the forces present by vector addition. This law is often stated as “F = ma: the net force on an object is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by its acceleration.”

In magnetic energy theory, mass could be defined as the total accumulation of molecular structures cohesively joined in a coherent system. Molecular structures are in a constant state of change. The magnetic energy flowing through molecular structures and holding them together has varying pulse rates, energy intensities, and compositions. More molecular structures does not necessarily mean more momentum and velocity, and the net force of an object or molecular structures is definitely not always equal to the mass of the object multiplied by its acceleration. The force of an object is equal to the combination of the object’s molecular structure content, the polarities involved in its composition, and the pulse rates exhibited throughout the object. Even with an acceptable margin of error, the Second Law of Motion can only explain a limited number of instances, whereas the magnetic energy theory explanation can cover all instances. For example, a very small object with the proper composition, pulse rate, and energy intensity can have an extraordinarily powerful force even at a very low velocity. The molecular structures configurations help determine the volume of magnetic energy flowing through them and that ultimately determines the force that can be produced.

Third law:
Whenever a particle A exerts a force on another particle B, B simultaneously exerts a force on A with the same magnitude in the opposite direction. The strong form of the law further postulates that these two forces act along the same line. This law is often simplified into the sentence “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

In a universe where all sub-atomic structures are created equal, this law could apply quite nicely. Fortunately, at least according to magnetic energy theory, we live in a universe where sub-atomic parts and energy signatures vary from particle to particle – even electrons have unique energy signatures. If this weren’t true, our world would not exist as we know it. Every particle interaction takes place according to the polarity of the magnetic energy flowing through the molecular structures (the molecular structures help set the polarity of the magnetic energy flowing through them). Also, the pulse rate of the magnetic energy flowing through the molecular structures, and the intensity of the magnetic energy fields involved all contribute to particle interactions. This Third Law of Motion is similar to the Second Law of Motion in the sense that it apparently explains a given set of particle interactions to some degree of accuracy, but the problem is that it can’t explain all interactions. As magnetic energy technology becomes common in our world, there will be many interactions that require a new theory. Every action will not simply have an equal and opposite reaction…it will depend on the polarities involved, the rotational speeds of the magnetic fields, the pulse rates, and the composition of the molecular structures involved. For example, the equivalent of a bowling ball can hit the equivalent of a golf ball with absolutely no reaction and a complete stop in motion for both objects – depending on the polarity, pulse rate, energy intensity, and composition of each object.

“Law” of Gravity:

Every object in the universe attracts every other object with a force directed along the line of centers for the two objects that is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the separation between the two objects. And then the Theory of Relativity added various components such as gravitational lensing, gravitational waves, curvature of space time, etc. etc.

According to magnetic energy theory, gravity is compressed magnetism, and magnetism is the result of magnetic energy channeling through molecular structures at a given pulse rate, energy composition, and energy intensity. Objects do not attract to each other simply because they have mass. If this were true, the universe would be total chaos. Objects attract to each other because of the similarity in the magnetic energy flowing through them and that energy’s pulse rate, composition, and intensity. Scientists fully recognize that the earth has a magnetic field, and they fully recognize that the earth has a gravitational field. But what seems to be missing is the connection between magnetism and gravity – they are the same force with different manifestations.  As magnetic energy technology becomes wide spread, people will use devices that act like gravity – they will be able to attract any type of objects, and they will do it with magnetic fields. Nearly everything is magnetic in nature and the proper magnetic fields can attract and repel nearly anything. It is time to embrace a new definition of magnetic energy to include all flowing attract energy moving through all elements.

Let’s briefly touch on relatively…Time is a mental construct and the assumption that universal events are an indicator of time is false.  Space does not exist in the sense that an empty vacuum exists between planets, stars, etc…there is no vacuum, it is all filled with energy to some degree. Light bends because it has a magnetic component to it and star light travels in tangent with magnetic pulses. Light exits stars as pulses at approximately 4 times the speed of light waves, and light pulses change to light waves when they strike something. Gravity manifests primarily as pulses or pulsing fields, and every celestial body has a unique gravitational pulsing signature that is identifiable, recordable and reproducible. Gravity is created by the magnetic energy flowing through celestial bodies, and the molecular configuration of the celestial bodies helps determine the unique gravitational field around each body and its ability to interact with other celestial bodies. Light is not a constant. Light speed varies depending on the medium through which it travels. Magnetism is a constant. Light speed is not some barrier that cannot be broken. Objects in the proper field do not gain mass or weight as they get closer to the speed of light. Moving at the speed of light does not stop the aging process, but the proper magnetic energy field can. Magnetic energy can travel at a nearly infinite velocity. We are very close to our celestial neighbors from a magnetic energy point of view. Typically, the longest part of the journey to another star system is getting out of our solar system. After that magnetic energy rivers take you to your destination in a moment – at a speed beyond space and time. Most stars in our galaxy can be reached in hours and days, depending on the location.

Conservation of Mass-Energy:

The total energy in a closed or isolated system is constant, no matter what happens. Another law stated that the mass in an isolated system is constant. When Einstein discovered the relationship E=mc², in other words that mass was a manifestation of energy, the law was said to refer to the conservation of mass-energy, which says the total of both is retained, although some may change forms.

This is the last basic Law of Physics we will touch on for now. The ideas put forth here can be extrapolated to the other laws. According to magnetic energy theory there is no such thing as a closed system. In fact, a closed system, by definition, would not be able to exist because everything in the system requires the system to be open in order to exist. We all know that the sun provides the earth with life giving energy, and we recognize that sun light comes into our planetary system. But what is equally important, if not more important, is the magnetic energy that comes into the earth’s system to help maintain life. For example, the organisms at the bottom of the ocean can exist without sunlight, but they could not exist without the magnetic energy that is fed into our planetary system at every moment. Also, our planet continuously receives magnetic energy that is used to form and maintain elements. We do not have a limited supply of energy and elements on our planet; we are an open system with new energy coming in every moment that can be used to form additional elements. In fact, we aren’t even using most of the elements available to us. Energy and molecular structures are in a constant state of change and these molecular structures transmute into other forms, but nothing is destroyed. It is a mistake to think that something is destroyed simply because we can no longer see it or measure it with our current technology. The universe functions at 100% efficiency all the time and all energy serves a purpose regardless of what form it takes. Even energy that is redistributed into the universal flow is still serving a valuable purpose.

Finally, let’s talk about the famous equation E= mc². E= mc² is an equation that is used throughout science, but it is built on false assumptions. The so called strong nuclear force is not strong at all – it only appears strong because of our limited technology and understanding. Magnetic energy fields of the correct polarity and pulse rate unlock molecular bonds very easily. E= mc² assumes that mass and energy are closed systems, but this is not true. Mass does not inherently have energy and store that energy until it is released, and units of energy do not exist independently or isolated from the universal system of energy. Even at the molecular level, energy is not simply stored inside of molecules  – energy flows into the molecules to sustain them and this flow of energy is tremendous. In a theoretical closed system, those molecules would not have much energy at all. Take nuclear reactions for example. Conventional nuclear reactions and explosions occur because elements are being forced together or forced to break apart. This unnatural process creates a large influx of energy directly correlated with the strength of the inflow/outflow magnetic energy vortices flowing through the molecules. The large explosions do not simply come from the stored energy in the matter – they come from the large influx of energy from the universal flow that is created in the reaction. The proper magnetic energy field would stop a nuclear reaction or explosion from taking place because it would offer a safe path for redistribution.

A more accurate equation for measuring energy events could be E = MS x ME where MS stands for Molecular Structures (including the polarity, quantity, and potential energy pathways) and ME stands for Magnetic Energy (including the pulse rate, intensity, and speed of in-flowing and out-flowing energy). This equation, E = MS x ME, could more accurately explain phenomena ranging from sub-atomic interactions to space travel far beyond light speed. This equation assumes that the universe is an inter-connected open system, and that the true measure of energy accounts for the universal flow of energy through all things. The understanding of this formula and the magnetic energy technology to go along with it will lead to a profoundly powerful and safe use of energy on this planet. It is truly time to see our inter-connectedness to the universe and to realize our total dependency on the universal flow of magnetic  energy.


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